Department Contacts

Department Main Contact Phone
88.5 WTTU 931-372-3688
Academic AffairsDr. Bahman Ghorashi, Provost / Vice President for Academic Affairs(931) 372-3224
Accounting(931) 372-3358
Accounting Continuing Education(931) 372-3358
Advancement ServicesSharon Rader, Director
Alumni RelationsTracy Duncan, Director(931) 372-3205 or (800) 889-8730
Angelo & Jennette Volpe LibraryDr. Douglas Bates, Dean of Library & Learning Assistance(931) 372-3326
Annual GivingKristie Phillips(931) 372-6554
Army ROTC / Military Science DepartmentRonald (Ron) Borden(931) 372-3574
ArtWard Doubet, Chair931.372.3738
ASCE 2011 ASCE Southeast Student Conference
Backdoor Playhouse
Banner ResourceMatt Smith(931) 372-6592
Basic Engineering(931) 372-3175
Biology(931) 372-3134
BrassDr. Joshua Hauser
Budget Central (931) 372-3214
BursarCarolyn Gernt, Bursar(931) 372-3311
Business OfficeDr. Claire Stinson, Vice President for Planning and Finance(931) 372-3311
Campus Health Services(931) 372-3320
Campus Recreation(931) 372-6215
Career ServicesLynn Haley(931) 372-3232
Center for Manufacturing ResearchKenneth R. Currie, Director(931) 372-3362
Center Stage(931) 372-3637
Cheer & Dance CampAudrey Cody(931) 372-3721 or 1-877-768-3721
Chemical EngineeringChemical Engineering(931) 372-3297
Chemistry DepartmentDr. Jeffrey Boles, Chair(931) 372-3421
Child Development LabAngie Smith, Director(931) 372-6262
Civil EngineeringDr. Benjamin Mohr, Interim Chairperson(931) 372-3454
College of Agricultural and Human SciencesLiz Mullens, Interim Dean(931) 372-3149
College of Arts and Sciences(931) 372-3118
College of Arts and Sciences Student Success Center(931) 372-3610
College of Business(931) 372-3372
College of Business Student Success CenterJulie Galloway, Director/Advisor(931) 372-3371
College of Education(931) 372-3124
College of Engineering Dr. Joseph J. Rencis, Dean(931) 372-3172
Commission on the Status of Women(931) 372-3850
Common BookStudent Orientation(931) 372-3245
Communication(931) 372-3060
Counseling and Psychology Dr. Barry Stein, Chair(931) 372-3457
Counseling CenterPatricia Smith, Director(931) 372-3331
Craft CenterJeffrey Adams, Director(931) 372-3051
Critical Thinking Assessment Test(931) 372-3252
Cumberland QuintetAnne Thurmond(931) 372-6087
Curriculum & Instruction(931) 372-3181
Dean of StudentsEd Boucher, Dean of Students(931) 372-3237
Decision Sciences and ManagementDr. Curtis Armstrong, Chair(931) 372-3160
Disability Services Chester W. Goad, Director(931) 372-6119
Diversity & Legal AffairsRachel Rader, Director(931) 372-3016
Eagle Card OfficeSandra Bohannon, Director of Student Affairs / Eagle Card(931) 372-6232
Earth SciencesDr. Mike Harrison(931)372-3121
Economics, Finance, and MarketingDr. Steve Isbell, Chair(931) 372-3745
Education Advising CenterAdvising Center, College of Education(931) 372-6036
Educator Development Program(931) 372-3394
Electrical and Computer EngineeringR. Wayne Johnson Professor and Chairperson(931) 372-3397
Emergency Medical ServicesDennis Parker, Coordinator(931) 372-3120 or (931) 372-3396
English & Communications(931) 372-3343
English Studies SymposiumElizabeth Robinson(931) 372-3343
Enrollment Management(931) 372-3888 or (800) 255-8881
Environmental Health & SafetyJim Cobb(931) 372-3524
Environmental Science Ph.D ProgramDr. Dennis George, Director(931) 372-6246
Exceptional Learning Ph.D.Exceptional Learning Ph.D.931-372-3177
Exercise Science, Physical Education and Wellness(931) 372-3467
Extended Programs & Regional Development (931) 372-3394
Facilities & Business Services(931) 372-3227
Financial Aid(931) 372-3073
Freshman Orientation(931) 372-3245
General Education(931)372-3637
Giving to Tennessee Tech (931) 372-3055 or (800) 889-8730
Golden GirlsRobin Burroughs, Director(931) 372-3918
Governor’s School for Emerging Technologies(931) 372-3825
Graduate AdmissionsGraduate Admissions931-372-3866
Graduate StudiesGraduate Studies(931) 372-3233
Greek LifeKatie Winningham Williams, Coordinator(931) 372-6434
History DepartmentDr. Jeff Roberts, Chair(931) 372-3332
Honors ProgramDr. Rita Barnes, Director(931) 372-3797
HornDr. Jeremy C. Hansen(931) 372-6089
Human ResourcesJohn M. Brooks, Jr., Associate Vice President, Human Resources(931) 372-3034
Industrial & Systems Engineering(931) 372-3465
Information Technology ServicesReid Christenberry, Chief Information Officer931-372-3971
Institutional ResearchDr. Glenn James, Director(931) 372-6144
Instructional Leadership Graduate ProgramPatricia Huddleston, Secretary(931) 372-3100
Interdisciplinary Studies Jeannie Smith, Director/Student Success Center(931) 372-6238
Internal AuditDeanna Metts, Director(931) 372-3045
International AdmissionsCharles Wilkerson, Director(931) 372-3634
International Student AffairsCharles Wilkerson, Director(931) 372-3634
Intramurals(931) 372-3907
Learning Resources Center931-372-3856
Learning Support ProgramJanet F. Whiteaker, Program Coordinator931-372-3476
Manufacturing and Engineering Technology Dr. Ahmed ElSawy, Chair(931) 372-3263
MarketingBobbie Maynard, Marketing Director(931) 372-6525
Math Department(931) 372-3441
MBA(931) 372-3600
Mechanical EngineeringDr. Mohan Rao, Chair(931) 372-3254
Media CenterPatricia B. McGee, Coordinator(931) 372-3326
News BureauKaren Lykins, Director(931) 372-3214
Non-Credit ProgramsDennis Tennant, Associate Director(931) 372-3300
Office of Communications & MarketingKaren Lykins, Associate Vice President for Communications & Marketing(931) 372-3214
Office of Minority Affairs(931) 372-3392
Office of Research(931) 372-3374
Office of Residential Life(931) 372-3414
Office of Teacher Education(931) 372-3170
OrientationStudent Orientation(931) 372-3245
Parent Association(931) 372-3245
Parent Orientation(931) 372-3245
Parents(931) 372-3245
Photo ServicesTTU Photo Services(931) 372-3305
PhysicsStephen J. Robinson, Chairman(931) 372-3483
Plus OneCollege of Business-MBA Studies(931) 372-3600
Police DepartmentGay Shepard, Chief of Police(931) 372-3234
Positive Behavior Support InitiativePositive Behavior Support Initiative931-372-6476
Post Office(931)372-3282
President's OfficePhilip B. Oldham, Ph.D., President of Tennessee Tech University
Pride DaysBobbie Maynard(931) 372-3214
Printing ServicesDon Davis, Director(931)372-3212
Professional CommunicationKristin Pickering(931)372-6568
PublicationsDewayne Wright(931) 372-3215
Purchasing(931) 372-3491
Quality Enhancement PlanDr. Ada Haynes
Records and Registration(931) 372-3317
SaxophonePhil Barham, Instructor(931) 372-3775
School of AgricultureDr. Billye Foster, Director of the School of Agriculture(931) 372-3019
School of Human EcologyDr. Melinda Anderson, Director(931) 372-3157
School of NursingBedelia Russell, Interim Director(931) 372-3203
Science and Engineering FairMillard Oakley STEM Center931-372-6573
Service CenterMichelle Huddleston, Service Coordinator(931) 372-6120
Sociology and Political Science (931) 372-3437
Southeast Chamber Music InstituteDr. Joshua Hauser(931) 372-6086
STEM CenterDr. Sally J. Pardue, Director(931) 372-6573
Strategic PlanningMatt A. Smith, Systems Support Specialist(931) 372-6592
Student ActivitiesSusan Henry(931) 372-3123
Student AffairsMarc Burnett, Vice President of Student Affairs(931) 372-3411
Student Government Association
Study AbroadAmy Miller, Coordinator(931) 372-3634 or 800-255-8881
Tech FarmRusty Chilcutt, Farm Manager(931) 372-6767
Technology InstituteTechnology Institute931-372-3675
TECTADr. Melinda Swafford, Principal Investigator(931) 372-6561
TelecommunicationsKevin Thompson, Telecommunications Manager for Engineering Services.(931) 372-3996
Tennessee Cooperative Fishery Research UnitDr. Phillip Bettoli, Acting Unit Leader(931) 372-3094
Trenda EldridgeRusty Chilcutt, Manager, Hyder Burks Pavilion (931) 372-6767
TrumpetCharles Decker(931) 372-3711
TubaR. Winston Morris
University 1020Linda Null(931) 372-3345
University AdvancementSharon Rader
Upper Cumberland Child Care Resource & ReferralHelen Knott(931) 372-3780
Varsity CheerleadingRobin Burroughs, Coach(931) 372-3918
Water CenterDr. Dennis George, Center Director(931) 372-3507
Web & Digital MediaWeb & Digital Media(931) 372-3916
Web DesignDr. Kris Pickering(931) 372-6568
Women & Gender StudiesDr. Paula Hinton(931) 372-3339
Women's Center(931) 372-3850
World Cultures and BusinessDr. Marketta Laurila or Dr. Steve Isbell(931) 372-6535 or (931) 372-3745