Facts and Figures


  • Total Student Body: 11,118

          Undergraduates: 10,052

          Graduate Students: 1,066

          In-state students: 88 percent

          Out-of-state students: 2 percent, 31 states represented

          Non-U.S. citizens: 9.3 percent

Student Body

  •  Undergraduate Students:

            Female: 44.3 percent

            Male: 55.7 percent

            Part-time: 9.1 percent

  • thumb dudeclappingGraduate Students:

            Female: 58.5 percent

            Male: 41.5 percent

            Part-time: 64.3 percent

  • Race/Ethnicity:

            White: 81.5 percent

            Black: 3.8 percent

            Hispanic: 2.3 percent

            Asian: 1.2 percent

            Non-resident alien: 8.4 percent

            Other: 2.8 percent


  • thumb LibraryDebutStudent-Faculty Ratio: 22-1

  • Most Popular Majors, by enrollment:

      Mechanical Engineering




      Exercise Science, Physical Education and Wellness

      Computer Science

  • Fall to fall retention rate for first time freshmen: 72.8 percent
  • Graduation rate for first-time freshmen in 2006: 52 percent
  • Angelo & Jennette Volpe Library:

          Volumes held: 353,000 books and 27,000 electronic books

          Periodical subscriptions: more than 3,050

          Microforms: more than 1.5 million


  • thumb AwesomeOVC14 NCAA Division I teams, including men’s baseball, basketball, football, cross country, tennis and golf and women’s basketball, cross country, softball, soccer, track, volleyball and golf. The football team is in the Football Championship Subdivision and all teams belong to the Ohio Valley Conference.

    Athletic facilities: Hooper Eblen Center is a 9,852-seat arena that hosts volleyball, basketball and large campus events; two indoor tennis courts; a fitness center with a pool, handball courts, weight and meeting rooms. The Athletic Performance Center includes a 10,000-square foot turf practice field and a 10,000-square foot strength center. There are several practice fields, more than a dozen outdoor tennis courts, and an eight-lane track around Overall Field in Tucker Stadium, home to the football team.

    Mascot: Awesome Eagle

Tuition & Fees

  • Undergraduate tuition and fees: $15,287 per year, including room and board

    Nearly two-thirds of all students receive some form of financial aid, either from the federal or state government, the university, or private funds.

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