Name/Title Change of Academic Program or Unit

Required Forms

Overview of Process

These changes require submission to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs once they have been approved on campus as outlined below. The Provost's office then sends the form to the Vice Chancellor for approval and notification. Forms will be accepted on a continual basis. Name/Title Changes do not require the 30-day review process. Once approved, TBR will notify THEC, so that appropriate documentation can be included in the Academic Program Inventory.

Approval Process

Prepare the required form listed at the top of this page. Obtain approval from the following offices/committees.

  1. Departmental faculty
  2. College curriculum committee and dean
  3. University Curriculum Committee (if undergraduate) or Graduate School Executive Committee (if graduate level)
  4. Academic Council (for information only)
  5. Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs – send form outlining the name change – one copy as an email attachment in Microsoft Word format.

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