Core Academic Units Required

Subject Area Required Units
English 4
Visual and/or Performing Arts, including a survey course or participation in
one or more of the arts (music, dance, theatre, visual arts)
Algebra I and II 2
Geometry or other advanced math course with Geometry as a major component 1
Natural/Physical Sciences, including at least one unit with lab, of biology, chemistry, or physics 2
Social Studies. This unit must be either World History, Ancient History,
Modern History, World Geography, or European History
United States History 1
A single foreign language 2

Note: Students lacking in any of the subject areas above should correspond with the Office of Admissions regarding methods to remove any deficiencies. A student admitted with any deficiencies must remove the deficiencies prior to completing 60 degree credits or 30 university credits if he/she is a transfer student. For more details, visit the "Removal of Admissions Deficiencies" in the Admissions section of the catalog at