At the Bryan Fine Arts Center and Foundation Hall in Cookeville, and the Appalachian Center for Craft near Smithville, the Art Department at TTU offers superior arts education, arts programming, and outreach. Outstanding faculty offer specialized programs in art education, painting, and clay, fibers, glass, metals and wood. Exhibitions, and workshops take place year round at both facilities.

2013-2014 Art Scholarship Recipients

2013-14 Scholarship

A reception was held at Bryan Fine Arts Building Sunday, September 22 to recognize the accomplishments of students who earned special scholarships in art. The deserving recipients from left to right in the photo above are:

Kathryn Craig, Windgate Scholarship;

Abigail Marmon, Nichols Freshman Art Scholarship;

Marcia Jacon, Windgate Scholarship;

Zach Wenclewicz, Bacchanal Scholarship;

Jessica Hildebrandt, Bacchanal Scholarship;

Jessica Hagar, Bacchanal Scholarship;

Elizabeth Bradford, Bacchanal Scholarship Windgate Scholarship;

Robert Bruce, Bacchanal Scholarship, Windgate Scholarship;

Britt Willis, Becky Anderson Approach the Light Scholarship, Windgate Scholarship;

Daniel Warden, Bacchanal Scholarship Windgate Scholarship;

Andrew Patterson, Windgate Scholarship;

Heather Calfee, Nancy Nichols Williams Honorary Scholarship;

Dana Griffith, Nancy Nichols Williams Honorary Scholarship

Not pictured; Dalton Vaughn, Nichols Freshman Art Scholarship

The Bryan Fine Arts Building

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