How to Register

Basic Engineering new students and transfer students will be invited to attend the Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR) program during special sessions throughout the summer.

The invitation to attend one of the SOAR sessions will be sent when the application process is completed.

When students attend SOAR and reach the advisement segment of the program, they will be escorted to the Basic Engineering registration site. Information will be given to students about engineering and the registration process. Routine paperwork will be filled out . At the end of the first day, class schedule recommendations for each student will be distributed. Students will be instructed where to meet with their advisors on the second day.

On the second day, students will fill out and sign an advisement form, will obtain their registration access codes, and be allowed to enter their schedules online at one of the engineering computer labs. By the end of the day, students should be registered and ready to attend classes that fall.

Do not forget to confirm your schedule by the last day of early registration. This date will be given to you in your account online.