Introduction to Biological Methods

Welcome to Biology 1000. The course has been designed to introduce new students to the Biology Department at Tennessee Tech., the biology faculty, the different choices of majors, the current research being performed, and the different student organizations within the Biology Department. In meeting the requirements of the course the student will exercise basic computer skills that are essential in advanced biology courses and in professional biology positions. Course Assignments - For each of the weekly items below, link to the appropriate assignments.

Week Item
28 Aug 1- Welcome to the Biology Department
**Current Students: (need new link)

4 Sept 2- College Student Inventory - No Links this week
11 Sept. 3- Know Your Faculty
Faculty & Staff
** (link doesn't work)
18 Sept. 4- Internships, Special Topics, and Coops
Co-op Education
25 Sept. 5- Time Management - No links this week
2 Oct. 6- Student Resources
** (need new link)

9 Oct. 7- Biology Professional Organizations and Clubs
16 Oct. 8- Fall Break (Library)**
23 Oct. 9- Biology Concentrations
**Biology Degree
**Wildlife & Fisheries Degree
30 Oct. 10- Advisement
Faculty & Staff
** (link doesn't work)
6 Nov. 11- Scientific Method and Critical Thinking
** (link doesn't work)
** (ERROR)
13 Nov. 12- Student Research
Graduate Studies
20 Nov. 13- Library (Thanksgiving) **
27 Nov. 14- Career Opportunities in Biology
Career Services
Student Calendar
** (link doesn't work)
** (link doesn't work)
** (linkĀ  doesn't work)
4 Dec. 15- Course Evaluation and Scientific Method Survey
** Library session will occur in classes meeting these weeks

Assignments Forms: