Hollister Herbarium


9f2ab5 761849b42876e71ae1e3a45c687b864e.png srz 231 211 75 22 0.50 1.20 0.00 png srzThe Paul L. Hollister Herbarium at TTU is involved in education, research, and conservation. We maintain a growing collection of 25,000 pressed and mounted plant specimens with emphasis on the flora of the Cumberland Plateau and to a lesser extent the flora of southeastern United States and Mesoamerica.

The herbarium provides resources for those interested in botany, ecology, floristics, ethnobotany, systematics, and wetland management. The herbarium supports both undergraduate and graduate research in botany at TTU. We actively participate in locating and documenting state and federally listed threatened and endangered species. We are also a resource for the community, offering wildflower walks and other educational opportunities.

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