The Brass Arts Quintet

baqweb4Chris McCormick, Trumpet; Charles Decker, Trumpet; Joshua Hauser, Trombone; R. Winston Morris, Tuba; Greg Danner, horn

CDs Recordings by the Brass Arts Quintet are now available for purchase online and at all concerts.

The Brass Arts Quintet presents an entertaining and informative program of works from all eras of music. Our extensive repertoire includes festive dances of the Renaissance, intricate fugues of the Baroque, operatic selections from the Classical period, lyric works of the Romantic era, brass band music of the 19th-century, and popular music of the last 150 years ranging from parlor songs to selections from musical theater, swing, jazz, and rock. The ensemble has premiered numerous original works by American composers Robert Jager, Walter Ross, Earl George, Aldo Rafael Forte, and others. The members of the quintet are also adept at arranging and composing and are continually adding new works to their repertoire, all designed to showcase the unique talents of this outstanding group of performers.

Founded in 1963, the quintet has entertained audiences throughout the eastern United States, appeared at major music conferences, and has toured for the Tennessee Arts Commission, bringing the joy of music to thousands of listeners of all ages through both community and school performances. The quintet has appeared on public television stations across the country in programs including two Christmas specials and Patriotic Brass, celebrating the music of America. The group has also recorded four compact discs, Premiere Recordings of Music for Professional and Student Brass Quintets, The Spirit of America, Shazam!, and Serengeti.

The individual members who comprise this remarkable ensemble, Charles Decker and Chris McCormick, trumpets, Greg Danner, horn, Joshua Hauser, trombone and euphonium, and R. Winston Morris, tuba, have performed throughout the world. We have entertained as soloists and have performed and recorded with many prestigious ensembles including the United States Army Field Band, the Rochester Philharmonic, the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra, the Huntsville Symphony Orchestra, the New England Chamber Orchestra, the Baton Rouge Symphony, the Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra, the Guy Lombardo Orchestra, the Four Tops, the Temptations, Widespread Panic, the Matteson-Phillips Tubajazz Consort, and the critically acclaimed MJT Project. The quintet is currently in residence at Tennessee Technological University, where we are on the faculty in the department of Music and Art.

Our programs offer something for every audience and we look forward to providing you with an entertaining and informative concert event. For more information on the Brass Arts Quintet, contact Joshua Hauser at (931) 372-6086 or via e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .