Deferred Payment Plan Information

All registration fees, dormitory rent and meal plan charges are payable in advance unless the deferred payment plan is approved. A deferred payment plan is available for fall and spring semesters for students owing $500.00 or more after all financial aid, loans and discounts are applied.

Deferment of payment for registration fees, residence hall rental, and meal plans is available for individuals meeting program requirements. The terms are as follows: 50% of amount due for allowable deferred expenses after all financial aid has been applied plus a $50.00 fee for deferring is due upon selecting the deferred plan.

The second and third payments of 25% each are due about one and two months respectively from the beginning of the term. Fees, housing and board are deferrable; incidental charges, traffic fines, etc. are examples of items that are not deferrable.

A nonrefundable $25.00 late payment penalty will be assessed for each 2nd and 3rd payment not received by the applicable due date.

Any amount remaining unpaid (less any applicable drop or withdrawal credit) is still due even if a student withdraws or does not remain in school.

Once a payment is made, any changes to the deferred plan will require calling the business office at 931-372-3311.

If you have been designated as ineligible for the deferred plan, you will need to contact the business office at 931-372-3311 to discuss the issue.

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