Direct Deposit

The University will now be disbursing all excess aid and other refunds to students electronically.

Your excess aid/refund will be applied directly to your bank account via direct deposit instead of issuing a paper check. This will eliminate having to wait in line later in the semester to pick up a check, and it will also speed up the process of distributing any excess aid/refunds throughout the semester. Please download the direct deposit instructions for the details of entering your banking information into our system.

Make sure the banking information entered is correct to avoid delays in receiving funds. We will notify each student via TTU email each time a deposit is made to the chosen bank account.

Be assured the direct deposit process involves only deposits into your bank account. The University will not withdraw funds from your account. Furthermore, there is no cost associated with direct deposit.

Spring Semester 2014 excess aid will be deposited beginning January 15, 2014 .

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