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Fee Information:

Click on the appropriate link below for a list of base fees charged to all students:

Base fees for:

Fees, conditions of assessment, and refund policies are subject to change without prior notice by action of the Tennessee Board of Regents


pdf_icon_smFee Summary
pdf_icon_smUndergraduate RODP
pdf_icon_smGraduate RODP
pdf_icon_smDistance MBA

pdf_icon_sm Breakdown of General Access Fee

See Refund Polices regarding the fees above.

In addition to the fees listed on the schedules above, individual student charges may include additional fees as listed below.

pdf_icon_smSpecial Course Fees (Program and Service Fees)
Payable by all students enrolled in applicable courses such as business courses, engineering courses, craft center courses, courses with labs, private music lessons, and courses taught online or off campus.

pdf_icon_smHousing Charges
Includes Dorm, Tech Village, Craft Center, and other housing options.

pdf_icon_smFall/Spring Meal Plans
Freshmen living in the residence halls are required to purchase a meal plan for their first two semesters of enrollment, excluding summer, and may choose either the Marketplace Unlimited, 19-, 15-, or 10-meal/wk plan. If freshmen residents fail to select a plan, the system will default to the 15-meal/wk plan. The 5, 25, 40, 65, 80, and 95-meal block plans are not available to freshmen dormitory residents as their required plan.

Other Fees and Expenses
Application Fees, Continuing Education, Fitness Center, Traffic Fines, etc.

Regents Online Course Fees
This link takes you to TBR's official RODP website. Use your browser's back button to get back to this page.

Deferred Payment Plan
$50.00 service charge is due with the first payment.

Books and Supplies
Estimate for Undergraduate $2,030 per semester.
Estimate for Graduate $2,030 per semester.

No student may enroll or receive a diploma, transcript of records, or grade report until all matured debts or obligations to the University, or any phase of its program, have been cleared.

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