Important Information for Parents

Parents of Tennessee Tech students should be aware of the following points:

  1. The University is bound by federal laws which mandate certain privacy rights for students. Under these privacy laws, University personnel are prevented from discussing student account information with parents or other third parties without a completed Information Release Authorization, signed by the student, on file. Blank forms are available from the Registrars Office. This form should be completed by the student and returned to the Registrars Office located on the ground floor of Derryberry Hall, Room 128. The student may rescind this authorization at any time.
  2. Students may also authorize third parties to receive copies of monthly account e-billings and to have access to their account thus enabling the third parties to make payments on behalf of the student. Through the bill payment system, the student provides the third parties' email addresses to which e-billings will then be sent. The student may add, change, or delete designated addresses at any time.
  3. All refunds of student account credit balances, with the exception of Plus Loans, will be made by direct deposit or by check payable to the student regardless of the original payment method. With processing costs estimated to exceed the value of the refund, no refunds for $1.00 or less will be issued unless specifically requested..