How to Pay/View Student Account

To pay/view your student account online, you may use our Eagle Online system. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week except for occasional system maintenance downtime or breifly for end-of-month accounting cycles.

Payment Types

Echeck, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

check2visamcdiscover american_express

If you cannot access a particular term via the web, please call (931) 372-3311 and ask to speak to a cashier.

Before navigating away from this page, you might print the "Step by Step Instructions" on the next tab to assist you with the login process.

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    Step Instructions


    After entering the "Registration, Grades, Student Services, Bill Payment" section of Eagle Online. Click on "Enter Secure Banner Web Self Service". You will be asked for your user ID (your T-number) and your PIN. NOTE: the T-numer must be entered using the uppercase T. After entering this information, click the "login" button. If you’ve forgotten your PIN, you can request it to be emailed to your TTU email account (see the "forgot your pin" instructions on the login page) or you can contact ITS Operations by calling (931) 372-3388.
    2 Once you have successfully logged in to the Main Menu, you will need to select the "Student" option and then the "Student Account" option in order to view your account, confirm enrollment, or make a payment.
    3 You will need to select an appropriate term. You can choose the current term and your balance will reflect any current term charges that are due as well as any prior term charges. If you select a prior term, the balance will reflect only the charges that were posted up to the end of the semester selected and will not reflect any current term charges or any future term charges.

    Once you have selected a term, your account detail and balance will appear (scroll down to see an account summary of the selected term). If you are paying fees, click "Yes, I will attend during (term)." The system will direct you to a secure site to pay your fees. Please note that you enrollment is not confirmed until your total balance, or the current amount due on the deferred plan, is paid. Upon receipt of appropriate payment, the system will automatically confirm your enrollment.

    After paying your fees and/or confirming your enrollment, you should follow-up by referring back to the "Account Detail for Term" page. If your enrollment was successfully confirmed, the message "Your Schedule is confirmed" will be displayed. If you do not see this message displayed, you enrollment is not confirmed and you should review your account further.

    If you are paying an account balance, after the start of the term, click the "Pay Now" button for access to the bill payment system.

    Authorized User Sign Up Instructions

    Authorized User Payment Instructions

    How to Calculate and Pay Fees

    If you have any questions about the online payment procedure, please contact the Bursar's Office by clicking HERE.

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