Co-op Checklist

How do I apply for a Co-op/Internship Assignment?

  1. Visit the Career Services office and create an Experience account so you can begin searching for job opportunities, participate in on-campus interviews and career fairs, and to have your resume viewed by potential employers.  An Experience account is required and will take approximately 5 minutes to complete. 
  2. Make sure you are ready to move from college to the workplace by completing the Career Readiness Certificate (PDF).  This program is required for all cooperative education applicants. 
  3. Print out and complete a copy of the Co-op Work Agreement Form (PDF).  Bring it with you to the Career Services office.
  4. Successfully complete the on-line sexual harassment training at  Print out your certificate and bring a copy to the Career Services office.

Students Leaving for Work Assignment

Cooperative Education Courses

Register for the co-op course appropriate for your assignment.  If this is your first time leaving for a co-op assignment and you are an undergraduate, register for COOP 2010.  If this is your first time leaving for a co-op assignment and you are a graduate student, sign up for COOP 5010.
1st Semester -  COOP 2010 2nd Semester -  COOP 2020 3rd Semester - COOP 2030
4th Semester - COOP 4010 5th Semester - COOP 4020 6th Semester -  COOP 4030
Graduate Level - 1st Semester COOP 5010 Graduate Level -  2nd Semester COOP 5020 Graduate Level - 3rd Semester COOP 5030

After selecting your course, be sure to go to the links at the bottom of the screen and check your schedule, account summary/confirmation, etc. You must make fee payment by the due date to the Bursar's Office by Echeck, VISA, MasterCard or Discover.

Reports/Forms Required While on Assignment

All forms are available on the Co-op Forms page for your use.

Students Returning to Campus from Assignment