About the College

Well, it's not business or education, engineering or agriculture. Yet it's not "everything else" either. At Tennessee Tech, the College of Arts & Sciences is a collection of programs sharing three commitments:

  • to provide a broad, liberal arts education, the kind of education that poises the mind for lifelong learning and critical decision-making across a broad spectrum of careers. Our faculty members and programs are especially strong in studies of the environment, science and society, and world cultures.
  • to promote guided, independent learning. Every arts and sciences student will become a professional in the general sense of the term. He or she will attend graduate or professional school, or will enter a career and begin "professing" something. While here, therefore, the student needs to learn how to go beyond merely absorbing knowledge. He or she needs practice in creating and applying knowledge. Thus, each of our major programs has an "applied" dimension, which might range from certain job-related, general skills (e.g., computer skills or simulations of team-based problem-solving) to a focused set of courses or experiences (e.g., pre-health sciences, pre-law, a minor in Business, or an internship).
  • to develop proficiency with technology. Every student majoring in the College of Arts and Sciences should be at ease with the technology appropriate to his or her discipline or career area. Every major program has a course or other experience to ensure up-to-date analytical, computational and/or multi-media skills using current technology in the discipline. For students in programs that do not emphasize technology, we offer an Internship in Technology and Community Development.


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