CAT National Dissemination

Assessment and Improvement of Learning

Funded by the National Science Foundation TUES Division (formerly CCLI) under grant 0717654 (2007 - 2010) and grant 1022789 (2010 - 2014).  Supports the national dissemination of the CAT Instrument through the development and implementation of regional train-the trainer workshops for a limited number of institutions across the country.  Also supports the use of the CAT instrument to evaluate NSF project outcomes in the TUES division.

Project Team at Tennessee Tech University

Dr. Barry Stein PI Professor of Counseling & Psychology
Dr. Ada Haynes Co-PI Professor of Sociology
Dr. Michael Redding Co-PI Professor of Biology
Elizabeth Lisic Assistant Director of Testing Center Staff
Kevin Harris Associate Director Center Staff
Elizabeth Honeycutt Secretary  
Dr. Anthony Baker Senior Personnel Professor of English
Dr. Joe Biernacki Senior Personnel Professor of Chemical Engineering
Dr. Sharon Berk Senior Personnel Professor of Biology

Dr. Glenn Cunningham

Senior Personnel Assoc. Prof. of Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Jann Cupp Senior Personnel Professor of Counseling & Psychology
Dr. Tom Timmerman Senior Personnel Professor of Decision Sciences

Consultants and Evaluators

Dr. John Bransford External Consultant University of Washington
Dr. Billie Sparks External Evaluator Wisconsin Acad. Staff Dev. Initiative

National Advisory Board

Dr. John Bransford James W. Mifflin University Professor University of Washington
Dr. Donald Deeds Professor of Biology Drury University
Dr. Peter Ewell Vice President National Center for Higher Education Management
Dr. Michael Grant Associate Vice Chancellor University of Colorado - Boulder
Dr. Gregory Ligth Director of Searle Center Center for Teaching Excellence Northwestern University
Dr. Patricia Turner

Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies


University of California - Davis

Reinvention Center - University of Miami