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    Studies Using the CAT (new)

    Steve Jones, Kathleen Harrington, & Lauren Scharff (2013).    An integrated effort to develop and assess critical thinking skills.  Paper presented at the NCA Higher Learning Commission Annual Conference, Chicago.

    Brittany J. Gasper, Dennis J. Minchella, Gabriela C. Weaver, Laszlo N. Csonka, and Stephanie M. Gardner (2012). Adapting to Osmotic Stress and the Process of Science, Science, Vol. 335 no. 6076 pp. 1590-1591.

    A.J. Gottesman and S.G. Hoskins (2013). CREATE Cornerstone: Introduction to Scientific Thinking, a new course for STEM-interested freshmen, demystifies scientific thinking through analysis of scientific literature. CBE-Life Sciences Education, vol. 12 no. 1, p 59-72.

    Brittany J. Gasper, Stephanie M. Gardner (2013). Engaging Students in Authentic Microbiology Research in an Introductory Biology Laboratory Course is Correlated with Gains in Student Understanding of the Nature of Authentic Research and Critical Thinking. Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education, vol. 14, no.1.

     Frisch, J. K., Jackson, P. C., & Murray, M. C. (2013). WikiED: Using web 2.0 tools to teach content and critical thinking. Journal of College Science Teaching, 43 (1), 70-80.

    Primm, T., Rowe, M., Gillespie, M., Rose, L., & Shannon, L. (2013). Extraordinary Claims: An Innovative Approach to Engage Student Interest and Enhance Critical Thinking Skills in General Education Science Courses.  Tested Studies for Laboratory Teaching (ABLE Proceedings, volume 33).

    L. Shannon and J. Bennett (2012).  A Case Study: Applying Critical Thinking Skills to Computer Science and Technology.  Information Systems Educational Journal, 10 (4), 41-48. 

    R. Wertz, A Saragih, M. Fosmire, S. Purzer, and A Van Epps (2013).  An evaluatiion of the Critical Engineering Literacy Test (CELT) Instrument through Item Analysis and Comparison to the Critical Assessment Test (CAT). Conference Paper Illinois/Indiana - ASEE Section Conference (Angola, IN).


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