Archived Dissertation and Thesis Abstracts

2000 to 2004

This page lists civil engineering MS and PhD graduates, their degree, their major professor, the date of graduation and a link to the abstract of the thesis or dissertation.

December 2004

Dosapati, Srilaxmi MS Dr. Dennis George Phosphorus Removal Using Wire Mesh Containing Zerovalent Iron
Patrick, Michael MS Dr. Xiaoming Huo Development of Simplified Live Load Distribution Factor Equations
Ramar, Thenmozhi MS Dr. Dennis George Evaluation of Peat Moss as an Effective Filter Media in the Removal of Herbicide, Simzaine
Shelley, M. Drew MS Dr. Xiaoming Huo Development of Equivalent Cross Bracings for Rigorous Analysis of Bridges Containing Steel Cross Bracings
Smith, Janey MS Dr. Dennis George Evaluation of the Pulsepower™ System in the Degradation of Suwanee River Fulvic Acid
Smith, Nathanial MS Dr. L.K. Crouch Permeability of Pervious Portland Cement Pavement
Walker, Adam MS Dr. L.K. Crouch Controlled Low Strength Material: Effects of Class C Fly Ash

August 2004

Lee, Sang Yub MS Dr. Guillermo Ramirez The Vibration of Piezoelectric Spherical Shells
Mandrekar, Deepali MS Dr. George Buchanan Axisymmetric Elasticity Versus Thick Plate Theory for Analysis of a Transversely Isotropic Disk
Neel, Thomas Clint MS Dr. Vincent Neary Detention Basin Retrofit
Wong, Ngie Matthew PhD Dr. Richard Lowhorn Modeling Water Treatment Processes Via Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithm

May 2004

Aqel, Mohammad MS Dr. Nader Ghafoori Abrasion, Chloride Ion Penetration, and Sufate Resistance of Self-Consolidating Concrete
Borden, Terry A. MS Dr. L.K. Crouch Evaluation of New PCC Maturity Technology
Conner, Stewart MS Dr. Xiaoming Huo Lateral Distribution of Live Load Moment in Highway Bridge Design
Pavuluri, Snehalatha MS Dr. Rashad Hanbali Effects of Speed Display Board on Driver's Speed Compliance in the City of Cookeville, Tennessee
Syed, Arshad MS Dr. Rashad Hanbali Evaluating the Effect of Advanced Warning Flashing Lights on Driver Speed Compliance in School Zones

December 2003

Dotson, Vernon J. MS Dr. L.K. Crouch CLSM Mixtures in Tennessee: Excavatable and Non-excavatable
Murray, Justin MS Dr. Lenley Weathers The Williamson County, Tennessee, Aerated Bioreactor Landfill: Cellulose, Lignin, and BMP Tests Conducted on Municipal Solid Waste

August 2003

Hill, A. Jason MS Dr. Vincent Neary A Hydrologic Functional Assessment Model for Depressional Wetlands
Iqbal, Rizwan MS Dr. Xiaoming Huo Lateral Distribution of Live Load Shear in Highway Bridge Design

May 2003

Beasley, Shane MS Dr. L.K. Crouch Rapid Determination of Aggregate Polish Resistance with the MDV9 Method
Krishnappa, Manjunath MS Dr. Dennis George Estimation of Surface Diffusion of Humic and Fulvic Acids Contained in Humic Substances
Carder, Jason MS Dr. Daniel Badoe Trip Generation Models for Shopping Centers in a Small Urban Area
Cates, Mark MS Dr. L.K. Crouch Field Comparison of HMA Void Contents

December 2002

Chambers, James MS Dr. Craig Henderson Random Vibration Excitation in the Determination of the Length of Wooden Piles Using Diagonal Connections
Chen, Chin-Cheng MS Dr. Daniel Badoe Modeling Trip Generation Using Data from Multiple Independent Cross-Sectional Travel Surveys
Robinson, Charles MS Dr. Dennis George Mathematical Description of Subsurface Flow (SF) Constructed Wetlands Using the Advection-Dispersion Mass Balance Equation
Slemp, Jonathan MS Dr. Dennis George The Determination of the Preferred Electron Acceptor for the Herbicides Simazine and Metolachlor, in a Constructed Sub-surface Flow Wetland
Tays, Matthew MS Dr. Nader Ghafoori Abrasion Resistance of Fast-Track Portland Cement Concrete
Zhu, Pingsheng MS Dr. Xiaoming Huo Experimental Study of a Twin Bridge with Normal Strength and High Strength Concrete Beams in Tennessee

August 2002

Milionis, Nick MS Dr. Dennis George Feasibility of Photo-Fenton's Degradation of Ink Waste
Qubeck, Tazio MS Dr. Richard Lowhorn Start-up of the Fournier Rotary Presses for Dewatering Secondary Wastewater Sludge
Ung, Francis Yuk-Hui MS Dr. Xiaoming Huo Time-Dependent Behavior of Normal Strength and High Strength Concrete Bridge Members
Pescatore, John PhD Dr. Dennis George Decomposition of Spring Time Series by Discrete Wavelet Transform for Characterization of Fractured Rock Aquifers and Hydrologic Forecasting with Artificial Neural Networks

May 2002

Fleming, Matthew MS Dr. Vincent Neary Continuous Hydrologic Modeling with HMS: Parameter Estimation and Model Calibration and Validation
Honeycutt, Keith MS Dr. L.K. Crouch Comparison of AASHTO Plastic PCC Air Determination Techniques

December 2001

Al-Khatib, Omar MS Dr. George Buchanan LaGrangian Finite Elements for Thin-Walled Structures
Clark, Yvette MS Dr. Dennis George Linkage, Analysis, and Application of the HSPF Model with the AGNPS Model Using Geographic Information Systems
Sauter, Heather PhD Dr. L.K. Crouch Identification of Aggregates for Tennessee Bituminous

August 2001

Dewey, Justin MS Dr. Vincent Neary Characterization of Parking Lot Runoff in Cookeville, TN
Nazarey, Hema MS Dr. Lenley Weathers The Use of Oligonucleotide Probes for the Detection of Sulfate Reducing Bacteria in a Constructed Wetlands Treatment System
James Rossillon MS Dr. Craig Henderson Viability of the Use of Random Vibration Excitation for Pile Length Determination

May 2001

Copeland, Audrey MS Dr. L.K. Crouch Air Void Content of Compacted Bituminous Mixtures
Gupta, Abhishek MS Dr. Richard Lowhorn A Comparison of Ultrafiltration and Microfiltration Treatment with Conventional Municipal Water Treatment
Walker, Charles MS Dr. L.K. Crouch Bulk Specific Gravity of Compacted Bituminous Mixtures

December 2000

Rich, Brian MS Dr. George Buchanan The Vibration of Spherical Caps
Yii, Cecilia Bee Yeng MS Dr. George Buchanan Effect of Boundary Conditions on the Free Vibration of Finite Length Hollow Circular Cylinders

August 2000

Bynum, Karina MS Dr. Dennis George Study of Pulsepower™ System for Oxidant Production
Pruett, Alexandria MS Dr. Richard Lowhorn Performance Comparison of Membrane Filtration to Conventional Water Treatment

May 2000

Chua, Chee-Leet MS Dr. George Buchanan Free Vibration of Finite Length Solid Circular Cylinders
Lau, Alan Choon-Hui MS Dr. Craig Henderson A Comparison of Working Stress Design and Ultimate Strength Design of Reinforced Masonry
Wong, Ling Ung MS Dr. Xiaoming Huo Early-Age Shrinkage of High Performance Concrete Deck Slabs under Different Curing Mthods
Wong, Fiona MS Dr. George Buchanan The Vibration of Truncated Conical Cylinders
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