Archived Dissertation and Thesis Abstracts

May 2005 to December 2012

This page lists civil engineering M.S. and Ph.D. graduates, their degree, their major professor, the date of graduation, and a link to the abstract or dissertation.


May 2013

Clark, Ryan M.S. Dr. Dennis George Optimization Model to Determine Cost-Effective, Low Impact Development Strategies to Achieve Designated Stormwater Flows
Jones, Caleb M.S. Dr. X. Sharon Huo Developing Rating Aids for the Evaluation of Concrete Culverts in Tennessee
Kelly, Kayla M.S. Dr. Daniel Badoe Trip Generation, Telecommuting and Their Interrelationship
Kerley, Rebekah M.S. Dr. Craig Henderson Finite Element Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Pile Caps to Cast-in-Shell Steel Piles
Kidwell, Taylor M.S. Dr. Craig Henderson Finite Element Analysis of Prestressed, Precast Concrete Piles Embedded in Cast-in-Place Concrete Caps Subjected to Lateral Loading

December 2012

Angela Biney M.S. Dr. Daniel Badoe Impact of Travel Survey Advance Letter on Trip Underreporting and Number of Calls Required for Survey Completion 
Samantha Pittman M.S. Dr. L.K. Crouch Higher Volume Fly Ash PCC for Sustainability and Performance with F Ash

August 2012

Anderson, Seth M.S. Dr. Guillermo Ramirez Analysis of Functionally Graded Piezoelectric Hollow Spheres
Bednarcyk, Michael M.S. Dr. X. Sharon Huo A Comparison of Load Factor Rating (LFR) and Load and Resistance Factor Rating (LRFR) in Reinforced Concrete Box and Slab Culverts 
Fennell, Benjamin M.S. Dr. Dennis George Water Reuse and Conservation Considerations in Drought Planning Using Oasis® Modeling
Keaton, Daniel M.S. Dr. Benjamin Mohr Nano-Scale Pore Analysis of Cementitious Mortars Undergoing Delayed Ettringite Formation
McDaniel, Andres M.S. Dr. Guillermo Ramirez An Expansion to Frictionless Contact Problems on Magneto-Electro-Elastic Composite Half-Planes

May 2012

Crowley, Aaron M.S. Dr. L.K. Crouch High Volume Fly Ash in Portland Cement Concrete for Bridge Decks
Dillon, Sarah M.S. Dr. L.K. Crouch Utilizing a Substandard Fly Ash for a TDOT Aggregate-Lime-Fly Ash Stabilized Base Course
Pelham, Anthony M.S. Dr. Lenley Weathers Powdered Activated Carbon Feed Study of a 1.5 MGD Conventional Surface Water Treatment Plant for a Big Creek Utility District
Zhang, Shuhai M.S. Dr. X. Sharon Huo Simplified Live Load Distribution Factor Equations for Tennessee Highway Bridge Design
Ojo, Joshua Ph.D. Dr. Benjamin Mohr Transportation Kinetics of Internal Curing Water in Cement-Based Materials Using Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy


December 2011


Ahsan, Muhammad M.S. Dr. Steven Click Improvements of Real-Time Traffic Signal Delay Estimation Using State-of-the-Practice Detection Technology
Bryant, Lindsay M.S. Dr. Benjamin Mohr Expansion of Dementitious Mortars Due to Delayed Ettringite Formation
Lloyd, Travis M.S. Dr. Steven Click The Applicability of Bluetooth Recorders to Obtain Real-Time Traffic Data in a Rural City
Van Dyke, Jacob M.S. Dr. Dennis George Effectiveness of Wollastonite and Polonite-Sand Mixtures to Remove Phosphorus from Wastewater

August 2011

Tang, Ling Ph.D. Dr. Faisal Hossain Transfer of Uncertainty of Space-Borne High Resolution Rainfall Products at Ungauged Regions

May 2011

Browning, Gregory, A. M.S. Dr. L.K. Crouch Optimum Air Content Range in the Plastic and Hardened State for TDOT Class D Portland Cement Concrete
Hamby, Robert, Travis M.S. Dr. Faisal Hossain  Non-Thesis option
Hendrix, John, P. M.S. Dr. L.K. Crouch Utilizing TCA Mix Design and Adjustment Method to Improve Pervious PCC
Shepard, Merlin Shane M.S. Dr. Lenly Weathers Microwave-Based Alkali Pretreatment of Newspaper for Enhanced Methane Production
Christopher J. Smith M.S. Dr. Lenly Weathers Impact of Inoculum on Startup Characteristics of a Simulated, Anaerobic Bioreactor Landfill


December 2010

Matheney, Steven M.S. Mohr Freeze-Thaw Durability of Non-Air Entrained Concrete with Normal and Lightweight Aggregates
Medley, Martin M.S. Crouch Pervious Concrete Mixture Design by the Unit Weight Method
Akbor, Muhammad M.S. Hossain Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) Mission for Water Management in Bangladesh

May 2010

Boden, Elizabeth M.S. Dr. Steven Click Real-Time Traffic Signal Delay Estimation Using State-of-the-Practice Detection Technology
Moffitt, Caitlin Balthrop M.S. Dr. Faisal Hossain A Validation of the NASA Flood Detection System in Bangladesh
Sadasivan, Bala M.S. Dr. Dennis George Phosphorus Removal from Wastewater Using Greensand Media
Mwakalonge, Judith Ph.D. Dr. Daniel Badoe Econometric Modeling of Total Urban Travel Demand Using Data Collected in Single and Repeated Cross-Sectional Surveys

December 2009

Thomason, James M.S. Dr. Benjamin Mohr Development of High Performance Structural Lightweight Portland Cement Concrete

August 2009

Boynton, Matthew M.S. Dr. Faisal Hossain Impact of Water Resources Risk Analysis on Engineering Education in Rural Counties

May 2009

Berry, Christopher M.S. Dr. Steven Click Application of Nontraditional U-Turn Based Treatments at Narrow-Bridged Diamond Interchanges
Harvey, James M.S. Dr. VIncent Neary Assessment of Exhaustion-Threshold Curves for Fish Volitionally Swimming in Culverts
Mahendran, Ashok M.S. Dr. Steven Click Application of Nontraditional Interchange Treatments to Improve Quality of Service and Preserve the Service Life of Narrow Over-and Underpass Roadways
Phillips, Jason M.S. Dr. L.K. Crouch Pervious Concrete Paste Composition
VanDervort, Robert ,III M.S. Dr. Jane Liu Geometrically Nonlinear Analysis of Rectangular Orthotropic Plates Using Groebner Bases

December 2008

Chirumamilla, Kiranmai M.S. Dr. Daniel Badoe Discrete-Continuous Model of Household Vehicle Ownership and Trip Generation
Yeager, James M.S. Dr. Craig Henderson Behavior of Masonry Infilled Frames Subjected to Out-of-Plane Pressure Loads
Zhang, Quinghe Ph.D. Dr. Sharon Huo Development of Skew Correction Factors for Liveload Shear and Reaction Distribution in Highway Bridge Design
Zheng, Lei Ph.D. Dr. Sharon Huo Development of New Distribution Factor Equations of Live Load Moment and Shear for Steel Open-Box Girder Bridges

August 2008

Veeresha, Avinash M.S. Dr. George Buchanan Thermo-Mechanical Assisted Moisture Diffusion

May 2008

Hood, Kristen M.S. Dr. Benjamin Mohr Experimental Analysis of Internal Curing Materials for the Mitigation of Autogenous Shrinkage in High Performance Cement-Based Materials
Self, Jonathan M.S. Dr. L.K. Crouch Very Early Strength Non-Excavatable CLSM

December 2007

Rajagopalan, Aswini M.S. Dr. Steven Click Improved Traffic Signal Efficiency in Rural Areas Through the Use of Variable Maximum Green Time
Hill, Andrew Jason Ph.D. Dr. Vincent Neary Monitoring and Modeling the Hydrology of a Forested Sinkhole Wetland on the Tennessee Highland Rim
Tucker, Charles Ph.D. Dr. Craig Henderson Predicting the In-Plane Capacity of Masonry Infilled Frames

August 2007

Devakaram, Divya M.S. Dr. Dennis George Determination of a Water Quality Marker Reflecting the Effectiveness of the Sewanee Utility Districts Land Application System
Katiyar, Nitin M.S. Dr. Faisal Hossain Development of an Open-Book Watershed Model for Rapid Prototyping of Satellite-Based Flood Forecasting in International River Basins
Pellegrini, Damon M.S. Dr. Jane Liu Free Vibration Analysis of Shell Panels with Bezier Cubic Cross Sections Using the Grobner Basis Method
Tennety, Chakrapani M.S. Dr. Lenly Weathers Prediction of Waste Temperatures in a Bioreactor with the Aid of Artificial Neural Networks

May 2007

Byard, Benjamin M.S. Dr. L.K. Crouch High Fines Limestone Screenings as Fine Aggregate for Precast Portland Cement Concrete
Harris, Amanda M.S. Dr. Faisal Hossain Investigating the Optimal Configuration of Hydrologic Models During Data-Denial Situations Using Satellite Rainfall Data
Penmetsa, Sunitha M.S. Dr. George Buchanan An Analysis of the Equations Governing Molecular Diffusion
Raj, Preethi M.S. Dr. Faisal Hossain Error Budget Analysis of Hydrologic Models: Understanding Applications for Satellite Rainfall Data
Vaughn, Carey M.S. Dr. K. Larry Roberts A Comparison of Pre-Oxidants at the Cookeville Water Plant - A Disinfection Byproduct

December 2006

Baker, J. Matthew M.S. Dr. Jane Liu The Free Vibration of a Cylinder-Cone-Cylinder Shell Combination
Douangvilay, Siphay M.S. Dr. Jane Liu The Free Vibration of infinitely Long Cylindrical Shells with Bezier Cubic Cross Sections Using the Grobner Basis Method
Hewitt, Ryan M.S. Dr. L.K. Crouch Estimating Pervious PCC Pavement Design Inputs with Compressive Strength and Effective Void Content
Price, Adam M.S. Dr. Sharon Huo Assessment of Six Shear Design Methods for precast Prestressed Concrete Bridge Beams
Al-Khatib, Omar Ph.D. Dr. George Buchanan Vibration of Paraboloidal Shells

August 2006


May 2006

Barlow, Andrew M.S. Dr. Daniel Badoe Modeling Grocery Store Choice in a Small Urban Area
Hayworth, Rebecca M.S. Dr. Xiaoming Huo Comparison of the LRFR HL-93 Truck Model to LRFR State Specific and AASHTO Legal Load Models and to the LFR HS20 Truck Model
Bikash, Saha M.S. Dr. Vincent Neary Model Assessment of Trout Habitat Enhancement with Boulder Clusters in Tailwater of Caney Fork River
Wolfe, Kevin Ph.D. Dr. Lenley Weathers First Principles and Artificial Neural Networks Modeling of Waste Temperatures in a Forced-Aeration Landfill Bioreactor™ Row

December 2005

Christensen, Andrew M.S. Dr. Vincent Neary Hydraulic Performance and Sediment Trip Efficiency for the Stormtech® SC-740 Isolator™ Row
Couch, Kim M.S. Dr. Daniel Badoe Mode Choice Behavior of University Students: Impact of Urban Form, Life Style, and Socioeconomic Characteristics

August 2005

Fox, Eric M.S. Dr. Jane Liu An Analysis of the Vibration of Transversely Isotropic Toroidal Shells
Dillehay, Geneil M.S. Dr. Lenley Weathers An Investigatiaon of Water Quality in Two Cave Systems Located in Tennessee's Highland Rim Physiographic Province

May 2005

Osborne, Roy M.S. Dr. Craig Henderson A Parametric Comparison of Building Code Seismic Provisions
Waller, Jamie M.S. Dr. L.K. Crouch The Effect of Percent Passing the No. 200 Sieve (Dust of Fracture) on Plastic and Hardened Properties of the Mortar Portion of PCC
Yendeti, Murali M.S. Dr. Daniel Badoe Investigating the Role of Transit Pass Ownership on Transit Trip Making
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