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Proposing an Event


The General Education Fund, created by student fees, is used annually to present two series of activities: a fine arts series and a series featuring diverse cultural perspectives. Together, these events are called the Center Stage series.

The Center Stage series is developed one year in advance from proposals made by employees of the TTU campus community who offer to serve as Campus Hosts. It is the energy and initiative of these Campus Hosts which makes each event successful. After an event is approved, the Campus Host actively collaborates with the General Education Coordinator in making the necessary arrangements.

Guidelines for the Campus Host

ü Who can be a Campus Host?

The Campus Host must be a permanent employee of the TTU campus community: faculty, staff or administration.

ü When are Proposals Due?

Proposals are due by November 15 of the academic year prior to the event.


Preparing the Proposal

ü Initial Contact With the Guest and/or the Guest’s Agency

Possible date for the visit to TTU

Tentative list of costs – honorarium, travel expenses, technical and support expenses, etc.

Venue requirements – seating, equipment, access, etc.

Other special conditions of the visit or event

Name, E-mail and/or phone number of the contact person


ü Determine Budget


The contract is the basic agreement between Tennessee Tech University and the guest. The primary cost will be the fee (honorarium) charged by the guest and/or the guest’s agency. Please suggest an Inclusive Fee. This typically covers the guest’s honorarium, airfare or mileage costs, and shipping of artwork or equipment.

The following items are normally billed directly to the Center Stage program:

Airport Shuttle or Rental car

Lodging ($60/night per room at Baymont)

Any of these elements can also be included in the Inclusive Fee, or can be reimbursable expenses; contact the Center Stage Coordinator for more information.

Optional Parts of the Budget

These are options which are not included in the contract, but which must be included when estimating the cost of the event

Publicity – Generally no cost, but can include:

Poster design – $30

Printing posters – around $50 for 100 posters

Reception – Normally should not exceed $200

Technical or Support Personnel Costs


Any other costs that are not paid to or on behalf of the contractor – please consult the Center Stage Coordinator for assistance.



ü Draft and Submit a Proposal for the Event


Use the required Proposal Form, found online at


Center Stage Proposal Form

If you have trouble opening the Proposal Form, please try right-clicking the link and choosing "Save target as" You can save the pdf to your computer, then open the file.


Please supply all relevant information and be sure to explain the nature and the value of the event. Submit the proposal, preferably online, to the Center Stage Event Coordinator by


November 15