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Spring 2014 Events

The Center Stage series brings a wide variety of unique cultural events to Cookeville, with more than 40 concerts, plays, exhibits and lectures planned for this year. Join us for any of these events, which are free and open to the public.


Michael Ananian, Painting Exhibition

Monday, April 7-Thursday, April 24 Painting Exhibition

Tuesday, April 24, 4:30pm Gallery Talk/Reception

Finishing a_Whiskey

Finishing a Whiskey


Michael Ananian has been described as a 'gritty realist,' 'expressive realist' and 'painterly realist.' His influences and concerns cover both extremes of the figurative tradition. He strives for particularity, description and nuance of form, but also displays his love of bold, vigorous paint handling and execution. The paintings' surfaces are scarred, rubbed, scratched, built, destroyed and rebuilt. The end result is a fusion between visual and psychological elements.

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