The B.S. Chemical Engineering degree from Tennessee Tech was first accredited in 1970 by ABET, the accrediting organization in engineering and technology.  Currently the B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from Tennessee Tech is accredited from ABET.

The program educational objectives for our B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering is as follows:


Program Educational Objectives

Within roughly five to seven years our graduate population will collectively exhibit the following traits:

  • Be real-world problem solvers (RWPS) : the graduates of our program will obtain positions such as plant process engineer, design engineer, group leader, production engineering, sales engineer.
  • Be critical thinkers (CT) : the graduates of our program will demonstrate that they consistently make informed decisions through a process wherein they utilize critical thinking skills.
  • Have continued their formal education (CFE) : our graduates will demonstrate that they have continued their education beyond the BS through some form of professional development (not necessarily leading to another degree) or will have graduated from a professional school with an MS, PhD, MD, JD or similar degree.
  • Be working at the frontiers in ChE (FChE) : graduates from our program will utilize and apply technologies such as bio materials, nano- and micro-systems, multi-scale analysis, informatics, group dynamics and, multi-media.
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