Bio-Molecular Engineering Option

The Department of Chemical Engineering offers the B.S. degree with two concentrations:  (1)  Chemical Engineering and (2) Bio-Molecular Engineering.  Both options result in a B.S. Chemical Engineering degree and, in both options, students take the same core chemical engineering courses.

Students interested in biological areas of chemical engineering, such as medicine, pharmaceuticals, bio-fuels, bio-remediation, etc., should consider enrolling in the Bio-Moleceular Engineering concentration.  Even if you are registered as a Chemical Engineering major, you still need to "join" the Bio-Molecular Engineering concentration (abbreviated BMOL).  To do this, you will need to fill out a "change-of-major" form.  See the Departmental Secretary for more details on obtaining this form.

A link to the curriculum for the Bio-Molecular Engineering option in the catalog is found here.

A pdf of the curriculum for the Bio-Molecular Engineering option is also found below.

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