Chemical Engineering Graduate Research Association

The Chemical Engineering Graduate Research Association (CEGRA) was organized in 2003 with the intent to promote chemical engineering graduate research and scholarship. Other purposes and objectives include:

Current officers: (2014)

President: Brian Materi

Vice President: Alex Sherrill

Secretary: Sarah Russell

Treasurer: Seth Latture

Conference Chair: Carol Liao

Outreach Chair: Ojas Chaudhari

Webmaster: Michael Adenson

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Robby Sanders




Recent Activities:

CEGRA assisted in the sponsorship of two seminars within the department. The first of which was Dr. Volker Urban at Oak Ridge National Labs who spoke about small angle scattering. The second was Julie Kadrmas, a PhD student at Purdue university who spoke about the ChE GSO, our equivalent is CEGRA as well as her preliminary thesis work.·· We will also be continuing this program through the 2010-2011 school years

Graduate students are encouraged to join the association.

CEGRA hosts an annual cookout for graduate students, ChE faculty and staff and their families.


Current Student Members (2013-2014)