Faculty Seminar Series

Spring 2014 Faculty Seminar Series
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Location: Friday, 3:30-4:30 p.m., Room 220, Foster Hall

Date Presenter Title
January 24 Xiaohua Huang
University of Memphis

Gold Nanotechnology: Material Synthesis, Properties
and Applications in Cancer Medicine

January 31 Jeffrey N. Johnston
Vanderbilt University
 Reagent and Reaction Development
in the Service of Complex Target Synthesis:
Chiral Proton Catalysis, Umpolung Amide Synthesis,
and Case Studies in Therapeutic Development,
February 7 Laetitia H. Delmau
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

 Extraction of Cesium, Lanthanides, and Actinides
from Acidic and Caustic Media
Applications to High-Level Waste Remediation

February 14 No Seminar  
February 21 Michael Best
University of Tennessee
at Knoxville
 Synthetic Analogs of Cell Surface Ligands
for the
Study of Disease-Relate Biological Processes
February 28 David Jenkins
University of Tennessee
at Knoxville
 Developing small-ringed macrocyclic tetracarbene ligands
for catalytic systems
March 7 No Seminar Scheduled  
March 21 No Seminar
ACS Conference
March 28 Kevin  H. Shaughnessy
University of Alabama
at Tuscaloosa
 Lessons Learned In Catalyst Design:
Size Matters, But So Does Flexibility And Generosity
April 4 Leslie Hiatt
Austin Peay State University
Spectroelectrochemical Study of Caroteniods
for use in
Electrochromic Devices
April 11 Rongson Pongdee
University of the South
April 18
Good Friday
No Seminar
April 25 Rendy Kartika
Louisiana State University
May 2 Timothy Hanusa
Vanderbilt University

*The schedule may be subject to change and update.