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As a central science, chemistry serves as a jumping off point to all areas of science study. A chemistry graduate can choose a path to a multidisciplinary career, including forensic business, industrial, health, bio and professional chemistry.

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TTU’s Chemistry Department, one of the fastest growing chemistry departments in Tennessee, offers several concentrations in chemistry: analytical, biochemistry, environmental, inorganic, organic, physical and radio/nuclear. Undergraduate chemistry majors find many opportunities to work on research projects while working on American Chemical Society certified degrees. On the graduate level the Department offers a master’s of science degree in chemistry and a doctorate in Environmental Sciences.

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The Chemistry Department offers you 19 faculty members with doctorates, many of whom are involved in research recognized at national and international levels.

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The Department is developing new and innovative programs in areas of its strategic interests and strengths to help you build the technical skills required in the national workforce.

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