The Department is committed to student involvement in undergraduate research. We believe that undergraduate research is an important part of your education. For this reason, the department has created several opportunities for students that enhance their collegiate experience. For example, students may apply for a Student Research Grant, wherein they will gain the experience of writing a small research proposal, submit it for potential funding, carry out the proposed activity, and write a final report. Successful completion of all of the above makes a student eligible for a Student Research Award, presented at our annual Department Awards Night and Celebration. Students can also apply for funds through the Swindell-Jackson Undergraduate Research Endowment, which is primarily used for summer salary for carrying out research. Students that begin undergraduate research before their senior year are likely eligible for the Distinction in Undergraduate Chemistry Research Program, which recognizes outstanding accomplishments in undergraduate research. These activities are funded by entrepreneurial activities of the faculty and alumni donations. During the past several years, dozens of presentations have been made by undergraduates at national and regional meetings of the American Chemical Society, the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and the Tennessee Academy of Sciences.