Scope of the Department

Presently the Department of Chemistry has 19 Ph.D. faculty members. These positions are evenly distributed among the major disciplines of chemistry. On the undergraduate level the Department offers the B.S. Chemistry Degree in three available concentrations; (1) Pure chemistry, (2) Biochemistry, and (3) Applied chemistry (including options in Health Sciences Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Business Chemistry, and Chemistry). The Business Chemistry degree is designed to be a 4+1 BS/MBA program with the TTU College of Business. On the graduate level the Department offers the M.S. degree in chemistry and the Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences. The general chemistry program at Tech enrolls over 1000 campus-wide students in the Fall semester. We currently have approximately 125-150 chemistry majors.

Fall_2009_Graduates2Frank (Jamie) Couch
Sarah Brinkly and Zack Taylor
Several 2009 Graduates
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