Geometric Design and Manufacturing Integration

Point Line - The combination of a directed line and an endpoint on the line

This state-of-the-art laboratory was eqipped with funds from the National Science Foundation Research Instrumentation Program totaling over $304,000.

Participating faculty have specific ongoing or proposed research projects in the following areas that will be supported by the new lab: (1) theory and practice of point-line kinematics, (2) integration of geometric design and manufacturing, (3) configuration space and 5-axis tool path generation, (4) theory and validation of the transient dynamics process, (5) synthesis of compliant mechanisms, (6) photoelastic stress analysis, (7) finite element analysis of advanced microstructures, (8) rapid modeling of geographic information systems, (9) art design and manufacturing, (10) experimental stress analysis, and (11) graduate and undergraduate design projects. Research and research training activities cover areas in traditional engineering design and analysis, geometric design, reverse engineering, materials science, and other non-engineering areas such as earth sciences and art.

In addition, the laboratory is available for industrial testing/prototyping and classroom demonstration/instruction. The $304,143 grant, along with other significant support (> $72,000) from Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing & Industrial Technology, the College of Engineering, the Office of Research, and the CMR, have provided equipment and laboratory needs.

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