Center for Manufacturing Research

Putting technology to work for you!

The Center for Manufacturing Research was created to draw together resources of the State of Tennessee, the University, industries, and government funding agencies into a cooperative effort to be on the leading edge of the latest technological advances in manufacturing. The Center draws upon expertise from throughout the College of Engineering and various other colleges, departments and the University, as appropriate, as well as resources outside the University. The Center also employs dedicated faculty and staff that are responsible for enhancing and supporting our strategic research program. Staffing includes three faculty, one Post Doctoral Assistant, three R&D engineers, eight supporting office and laboratory staff, and numerous graduate research assistants.

Established in 1985, the Center for Manufacturing Research (CMR) exceeded the State of Tennessee's benchmarks of performance and was officially recognized by the State as an Accomplished Center of Excellence in 1990. In 1998 the CMR was awarded a Level 2 Tennessee Quality Award for its focus on continuous improvement. In addition, the CMR has conservatively estimated that $3.00 in additional revenues have been returned to the State's economy for every state appropriated dollar.

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