Industrial Work-Study Program

This work-study program administered by the Center for Manufacturing Research (CMR) at Tennessee Technological University was established to mutually benefit both local industries and TTU students (primarily undergraduates). Students have benefited greatly by gaining hands-on experience while earning money to apply to their educational expenses. This has proven to be a very flexible employment process for industry, since a student can be recruited in a selection process in 2-3 days. The following steps outline the procedures of this program.

Industry contacts CMR to request that position be posted and/or to obtain copies of resumes for potential student applicants. Designated supervisor from industry reviews resumes and selects student(s) for interview. Supervisor issues a company Purchase Order (P.O.) to the Manufacturing Center authorizing the student to work for a specific duration of time which is flexible and in accordance with needs of the industry supervisor. The P.O. should be issued before the student begins work. (See attached sample P.O.) To minimize paperwork, the P.O. should close on one of the following dates as appropriate: May 31, August 31, or January 31. Company will be invoiced within approximately two weeks after closing date of P.O. The invoicing cycle was established to coincide with the University’s semesters and to standardize the receipt of P.O.’s and billing invoices. The amount of the P.O. must not exceed $7,500. It should include the name of the student intern, the beginning and ending date, total number of estimated hours, and name/e-mail address of supervisor. The quote for the P.O. should include a base hourly rate which can range from $8.50-$12.00 per hour in fifty-cent increments at the discretion of the industry supervisor. This hourly rate should remain constant for the duration of the P.O.Hourly rate must include 7.65% benefits for the students and 25% overhead (new rate effective July 1, 2005).

See table below for suggested student hourly rates and corresponding TTU rate.

Student Hourly Rate TTU Pay Rate Student Hourly Rate TTU Pay Rate*
$8.50 $11.28 $10.50 $13.93
$9.00 $11.94 $11.00 $14.59
$9.50 $12.60 $11.50 $15.25
$10.00 $13.27 $12.00 $15.92

*Higher hourly rates can be approved and processed upon request.

  1. After student has been authorized by the industry to begin work, the student must contact the Center office. The student must also obtain a valid I/9 card from TTU’s Human Resources Office AND verification of obtaining the I-9 card must be made by Center office staff before the student begins work. The project will then be activated by the Center in accordance with TTU guidelines.
  2. The student must submit time sheets for hourly payroll, which have been signed by the industry supervisor. These time sheets are to be submitted to the Center’s office by 10:00 a.m. on the last working day of each month. The student is paid on the 10 th of the following month.
  3. Company should be billed within two weeks after closing of the P.O. by the following dates: June 15, Sept. 15, and February 15.
  4. Student is employed by TTU; hence, workman’s compensation claims and benefits are administered by TTU. All students must complete an on-line safety training exercise before starting work and a printed certificate of completion must be on file before pay can be processed.
  5. This program is intended to provide part-time employment (20-30 hours per week) for undergraduate students with full-time status. If a student’s status changes to part-time during any semester, including their last semester, this change could invalidate their employment. Overtime hours (as defined by federal labor laws) are discouraged. Graduate students can only participate with special permission from the Office of Research. Co-op assignments are considered part-time enrollment status, and, cannot be administered via this program.

For information or details regarding any of the above procedures, please contact the following individuals in the Center for Manufacturing Research.

Initiating P.O.’s and Employment: Darlene Wiegand; Phone: 372-3506 or 3362; Fax: 372-6345
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Status of P.O.’s, Payroll, Billing, Etc.: Phyllis Stallion; Phone: 372-3099; Fax: 372-6345;
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it