Strategic Foci

Using a strategic planning process that was based on national manufacturing roadmap strategies in alignment with faculty expertise, equipment\facility requirements, and potential growth and collaboration opportunities, the Center for Manufacturing Research has identified four strategic research areas: (1) Intelligent Control of Processes and Equipment, (2) Integrated Product and Process Realization, (3) Next Generation Materials and Manufacturing Processes, and (4) Pervasive Modeling and Simulation. The list below includes key word descriptors:

  1. Intelligent Control of Processes and Equipment - Intelligent (artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic, case-based reasoning, rule-based, etc.) control systems, mechatronics, robotic control, discrete event control, self-improving control, sensor design\fusion\technologies, and statistical process control.
  2. Integrated Product and Process Realization - Lean product development, advances in computer graphics for CAD, integration of knowledge and learning into design, axiomatic design, DFX techniques (total design), organizational modeling of product development, robust design for quality, virtual reality in design, the science of innovation, and mechanical design for control.
  3. Next Generation Materials and Manufacturing Processes – Material synthesis and characterization, material deposition methods, MEMS, nanosystems, biomechanics, statistical mechanics, novel material science, material testing, material failure mechanisms, simulation of material phenomena, and bio reactors and material synthesis.
  4. Pervasive Modeling and Simulation – Simulation and modeling from the smallest entities (atomic\ molecular level) to enterprises and supply chains, models for acoustics, vibrations, communications, network storage, supply chain management, Computer Aided Engineering Models, agent-based learning, data mining, noise mitigation, VLSI and computer engineering models, and other research that involves simulation and\or modeling.
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