Testing Services and Pricing Structure

wireless2The Wireless Lab has the facilities to conduct channel sounding for UWB systems and narrowband systems. System prototyping is carried out. We also have the ability to do UWB radar experiments.

In some cases industrial testing requirements may require extensive or long-term needs for use of CMR testing capabilities. The Equipment Affiliateship program was designed to provide additional value to industries that anticipate extensive testing by reducing equipment usage fees based on an up-front payment to the CMR.

Services Prices (Effective till June 30, 2007)
Experimental UWB System Testbed $35/hr (1 hr. minimum)
Oversize Specimen Mounting (> 3” diameter) $40/hr + materials (minimum $125)
Digital Imaging on Inverted Microscope $40/hr + $15 for report on all image analyses (minimum $55)
Micro Hardness Profile $25/specimen + $15 for report on all specimen
Sputter coating $25/specimen
Overhead Charges 25% applied to total costs
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