Business Overview

The College of Business has nine undergraduate areas of study and 6 graduate concentrations housed in four academic units—Accounting and Business Law; Economics, Finance, and Marketing; Decision Sciences and Management; and MBA Studies. In addition, the college includes two centers of excellence, a small business development center, a student success center, and an award-winning media center.  The college has been included in Peterson’s publication of Best 300 Business Schools: 2011 Edition, based on the quality of programs and survey feedback from students.  The Distance-MBA program has been named one of the “Best Buys” by The college, along with the MBA and accounting programs, is accredited by AACSB International - The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

The College's highest level of dedication is to its academic program exemplified by its focus on excellence in instruction, which is supported by a commitment to scholarly activity and intellectual contribution by the faculty and interaction with business and industry. We believe that teaching, research, and service are interdependent components of our mission. The following values guide us in striving for excellence in these three areas identified in order of relative emphasis:

Teaching--We encourage our faculty to be sensitive to the educational needs of our students and to strive for excellence in teaching skills and content.

We seek to educate business leaders and potential leaders who are capable of making lasting contributions to business and society and who are also skilled in using an interdisciplinary approach to decision making in an increasingly global and technology-dependent business environment.

Intellectual Contributions--We encourage our faculty to engage primarily in applied research and scholarly activities that provide insights into business practice. We believe such scholarly activity should be a career-long endeavor of faculty engaged in educating current and future business leaders and that such activity enhances the effectiveness of classroom instruction and external interaction.

Service--All members of the business school faculty are encouraged to share their expertise to benefit external constituencies and to offer opportunities for students and faculty to apply their skills and knowledge. We believe these activities and involvement with business and government leaders significantly increase the abilities of faculty to deliver current information in the classroom and that they build important bridges between the academic community and our external constituencies.

We encourage professional and service endeavors that strengthen relationships with the broader academic community--activities within this University, interaction with other universities, and involvement in professional organizations.

The College offers the B.S.B.A. degree that is structured on a firm base of liberal education courses, a core area of business studies, and an area of specialization. We seek to prepare students from culturally diverse backgrounds for careers in business. In the degree, the College seeks to:

  1. Develop an analytical approach to sound business decisions.
  2. Develop understanding and appreciation of the social, ethical, legal, political, and economic environment of business.
  3. Promote appreciation of the civic and social obligations of business managers.
  4. Develop understanding and appreciation of business in its international context.
  5. Equip students to respond to the demands of business in a changing technological environment.
  6. Create a professional attitude and provide the foundation for professional competence in a chosen career specialization.

The business program includes studies in three major categories: general education, the business core, and a major field of specialization.  The two years (60 hours) of business students' academic program is spent in the Basic Business program.  To learn more about the Basic Business Concept, please visit this link .

The purpose of the M.B.A degree is to offer a professional program preparing graduate students from diverse backgrounds for rewarding careers in organizations. The core area of business studies is broad in scope for the purpose of developing general managerial competence through extensive use of various pedagogies such as case methods, simulations, and research projects. Electives are used to develop special competencies of interest to the student. In the degree, the College seeks to:

  • Provide a high level of confidence that will allow the student to cope with uncertainty, communicate effectively, and to make decisions in an increasingly complex and global business environment.
  • Provide an awareness and appreciation of the legal, ethical, social, political, and economic environments of business.
  • Provide essential competence in administration, as well as an understanding of the administrative process.
  • Develop a high level of skill in problem analysis and decision making.
  • Provide sufficient competence for making positive contributions to one of the functional areas of a business firm through changing technology within the business context.
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