College of Business Board of Trustees Development Office


The College of Business Administration Foundation (COBAF) was organized in 1975 as a non-profit organization to further enhance Tennessee Tech's business-related educational programs by creating solid working relationships with the business community and seeking out business leaders to actively participate in college affairs. In 2004, a university restructure caused the foundation to be renamed to the College of Business Board of Trustees (COBBOT).

COBBOT is a great asset to the College and has helped many students. Since 1975, we have provided more than almost two million dollars in annual and endowed scholarships to business students. We have helped over 1,500 College of Business students to fulfill their dreams of graduation. At the beginning of the 2010-2011 academic year, 52 endowed accounts exist.

In addition to direct financial aid to students, COBBOT has helped support other College programs. We have provided supplemental assistance to the TTU Small Business Development Center, the BusinessMedia Center, and the Student-to-Career Program. Recognizing that the business world is ever-changing, we promote faculty development in the College of Business.


The Mission of the College of Business Board of Trustees is to enrich the education program at Tennessee Technological University through the commitment of financial and service resources for those students pursuing careers in business and business related professions; serve to solidify ties with alumni and the business community; involve business leaders in College affairs.

How we are accomplishing our mission:

Scholarships: The COBBOT has provided more than two million dollars in annual and endowed scholarships to business students over the years.

Endowed Positions: The COBBOT has set up endowed faculty chairs such as the J.E. Owen and the Mayberry Chairs of Excellence to provide unique learning opportunities for our students.

Alumni Relations: The COBBOT has actively kept strong relationships with all TTU COB friends and graduates to ensure fresh employment opportunities for our graduates and to provide educational mentors for the college and its students.