Mission, Vision, Goals, Objectives, and Strategic Plan

Mission: The College of Business provides an educational foundation that prepares our students to become successful, ethical business leaders, and serves our constituencies through outreach activities.  The spirit of discovery and pursuit of knowledge underlie our educational focus and guide our service activities.

Vision: The vision of the College of Business is to be the destination of choice for rich and diverse learning experiences that inspire innovation, leadership, and value creation.

Adopted:  September 20, 2012

College of Business Learning Goals and Objectives

GOAL 1: Broad Business Competencies
Students will be broadly knowledgeable in the various disciplines of business.
  • Business Core Skills and Knowledge – Business students will demonstrate competency in the core business areas (incorporating global awareness and use of business technologies).
  • Business Ethics – Business students will demonstrate awareness of ethical implications of business decisions.
GOAL 2: Critical Reasoning Skills
Business students will be able to apply critical thinking to solving problems
  • Students will demonstrate ability for problem solving and decision making.

GOAL 3: Professional Awareness
Students will possess the knowledge and skills necessary to perform in a professional business environment.

  • Communication Skills – Business students will demonstrate proficiency in written and oral communication skills.





Strategic Objective #1:  Expand academic program initiatives at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

Strategic Objective #2:  Increase enrollments and provide financial support for enrolled students.

Strategic Objective #3:  Maintain operational and instructional efficiency/productivity.

Strategic Objective #4:  Provide strong faculty units to meet academic mission.

Strategic Objective #5:  Improve college facilities and administrative operations.

Strategic Objective #6:  Increase external relationships with business executives and their corporations.


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