Student Managed Investment Funds

Thanks to the generous support of both corporate and individual donors, our students have the opportunity to gain investment experience in managing our three student-run investment funds. The students make real stock purchase and sell decisions, and the research experience our students receive goes well beyond the classroom lecture approach in teaching about risk management and investments. Currently, more than $800,000 is invested in these three student-managed funds.
  • The TVA Investment Challenge - Since 1998, our students have been a part of this TVA program that has provided funds for this "challenge" event. Our students manage TVA monies in competition with student teams from more than 20 other 4-year institutions located in the TVA service area. The TVA Investment Funds rules stipulate that the students must keep the assets fully invested in equities. The focus of the investment strategy is on blue-chip, high-capitalization firms.
  • The Heidtke Investment Fund - Alumnus Buzz Heidtke, who manages Heidtke and Associates in Nashville, provided a gift of $100,000 to create a student-managed investment fund focusing on small- and micro-capitalization stocks. 
  • The Tommy Lynn Fund - To provide annual operating monies to maintain the Tommy Lynn Suite, a $50,000 endowed fund was vested. Earnings from the fund will be used for equipment/furnishings replacement and continued upkeep of the classroom-conference room suite.
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