Undergraduate Program

Where do I begin? All students with an interest in business affiliate as freshmen with the College and are advised by our award-winning Student Success Center. At the end of your sophomore year you select a major. During your junior and senior years, you will be advised by a faculty member in your chosen major.

The College offers the B.S.B.A. degree that is structured on a firm base of liberal education courses, a core area of business studies, and an area of specialization. We seek to prepare students from culturally diverse backgrounds for careers in business. In the degree, the College seeks to:

  • Develop an analytical approach to sound business decisions.
  • Develop understanding and appreciation of the social, ethical, legal, political, and economic environment of business.
  • Promote appreciation of the civic and social obligations of business managers.
  • Develop understanding and appreciation of business in its international context.
  • Equip students to respond to the demands of business in a changing technological environment.
  • Create a professional attitude and provide the foundation for professional competence in a chosen career specialization.

Undergraduate Areas of Study

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