From The President

Having the Common Book Program ingrained in our UNIV 1020 freshman seminar courses is an important piece of the first year experience here at TTU. This is the second year of Tennessee Tech’s program for entering freshmen, and it is an exciting time for growth and change within our institution. More than half of the students who leave TTU choose to leave during or after completing their freshman year. Engaging our freshmen in common conversations and critical thinking questions surrounding a common book has never been more important in the lifeblood of our university.

This book provides an excellent message that spans across disciplines, and the subject matter is appropriate for every classroom. At its core, How Starbucks Saved My Life is a story about choice, change and perspective. These themes cross disciplines because students experience life, choices and changing perspectives inside and outside of every classroom.

Use this website and the ideas and activities presented as mechanisms to merge Starbucks into your curriculum. This book provides an excellent opportunity to have discussions about mastering something as simple as learning cause and effect.

I am excited about How Starbucks Saved My Life, and I look forward to engaging students and faculty in conversation throughout the semester. Moreover, I am pleased to host the author, Michael Gates Gill, on campus on October 1, and I look forward to hearing stories of how reading this book taught our students some valuable lessons.

Go Eagles!

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Dr. Philip Oldham, President