Student Accounts

As a student, you have access to at least two different accounts.

Your Eagle Online (Banner Self Service) account

To access your Eagle Online account:


Finding Your Username for Email and the University PC Labs


Your TTU account - accessing Office 365 TTU email, wireless, ResNet, campus computer labs, and iLearn

Access your Office 365 TTU email and iLearn. This account also accesses campus wireless, ResNet, campus computer labs and for those who are maintaining a club/organization web site.

Setting Your Password

Before you can use your accounts, you must change the password! Students currently have two accounts that access different systems.

To change your passwords online:

Initially, the password to your these accounts is set to your TTU Banner ID (T number).


Selecting a Password

Decide on what you want your password to be. Choose a password of 6 or more characters, using letters, digits, and special characters. Your password is CASE SENSITIVE so whether a character is typed as a capital or small letter matters to the system. Be sure the CAPS lock is off. Do not use common English words found in the dictionary. You could use the first letters of a phrase with some numbers, such as "I am here to Learn until # 2012!" which would make your password: iahtLu#2012!  For more information view the TTU Password Policy.

Forgot your password?