U: Drive (Xythos)

Xythos is Being Discontinued

 Since the successful launch of our new student email server in 2010 and the ease-of-use of the Live@edu SkyDrive, we will be discontinuing use of the old Xythos system (PCLAB U: drive).  Now that Live@edu includes 7GB of SkyDrive storage, as well as 10GB of email storage, Xythos has become obsolete, while maintenance costs continue to increase.  By end of the summer Xythos will be removed from all labs.

The web interface to Xythos, http://files.tntech.edu/, will continue to be available UNTIL THE END OF FALL SEMESTER to give you time to move any files you wish to keep to another storage location.  After that time there will be no access to Xythos. 

TTU's U: Drive (Centralized File Storage for Users) - Powered by Xythos

The U: Drive gives you several options for accessing your files as well as a few additional features.

Getting Started in the PC Labs (Windows)

  • Login to your PC Lab Account
  • Close the window that appears at login.
  • On the desktop, you will see the My Documents icon (This is the new Xythos powered storage system.)
  • On the desktop, you will see the V: Drive icon (This is the OLD U: drive).
  • Open the V: Drive and drag files you wish to save to the new system (My Documents folder).
  • At the end of Fall term, the V: Drive will be permanently removed and any remaining files lost.

Now you can access any of these files from home via the web interface.

If you see the Window shown below with the message in the form of a file: "DO NOT PUT FILES HERE", the Xythos Drive was NOT able to load due to network or other difficulties.

  • DO NOT save files to this folder as it is a TEMPORARY folder which is NOT saved.
  • If you are logging in to do a task that does not involve saving a file (such as reading email), you may proceed.
  • If you will need to save a file, reboot the machine or try a different machine.


Sharing files with others in the PC Labs (Windows)

  • Right-click on a file and select Sharing
  • Select the appropriate person(s)
  • Select the appropriate level of sharing (read only, read and write, etc.)

Getting Started in the PC Labs (Macintosh)

  • Login to your PC Lab Account
  • Open Firefox web browser (not Safari).
  • Go to http://files.tntech.edu
  • Login with your PC Lab username and password.
  • Follow these directions for uploading files. Move files from your Home folder.


  • Ample storage available: 
    • 250 MB per student account
    • 1 GB for faculty accounts
  • Files will be there when you need them whether on campus or at home.
  • Access to storage for distance students who never come to campus.
  • System is backed up daily.
  • Web interface for easy access from any operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux) from these browsers: 
    • Internet Explorer v.6 or higher
    • Firefox v.1 or higher


Available ONLY to ACTIVE students and faculty.
Please clear out any important files BEFORE you GRADUATE or prior to withdrawing or leaving the University.



For additional help:

Faculty and Staff: Contact your College contact or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Students: Contact Help Desk at 372-3975 (Helpdesk Hours for Clement Hall 313)


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