Online Screening

Have you ever wondered if you have depression, anxiety, an eating disorder, or an alcohol problem?

By going to the web address listed at the bottom of this page, you will have the opportunity to take a screening test for one or more of the following conditions:

Since people can suffer from more than one of these disorders at the same time and because one can cause symptoms that seem like the other, you may want to take all of the screenings offered. Each screening will take between 4 to 5 minutes to complete.

At the end of each screening you will receive an immediate result that can be printed and taken to the TTU Counseling Center or a healthcare provider in your community for further evaluation. A screening test is not a substitute for a complete evaluation nor can it give you a definitive diagnosis. If you have any questions about your screening or would like a more thorough evaluation, call the Counseling Center at 931-372-3331. The screening is free and available to all TTU students and staff members. This program is designed for individuals aged 17 and above.

The online screening is confidential. We do not collect any unique identifying information such as names, email addresses or IP addresses. Neither Screening for Mental Health nor Tennessee Tech University will be able to view your individual results.

Please go to the Mental Health Screening web site to begin your screening!

If you are interested in obtaining more in-depth information about your alcohol use, please read about e-CHUG!