System of Interactive Guidance and Information 3

The online System of Interactive Guidance and Information 3 (SIGI) is a self-directed, computer-based career exploration tool. SIGI 3 is available online to all TTU students and staff. It will provide you with an assessment of your interests, values, and skills. SIGI 3 will then use this information to generate a list of career options. You may also use SIGI 3 to research careers to assist you in choosing a major and obtaining job information such as salary ranges, descriptions of work activities, and educational requirements.

The TTU Counseling Center recommends that students take other career assessment inventories AND participate in career counseling in addition to taking the SIGI 3. Career counseling and testing at the TTU Counseling Center is FREE to currently enrolled TTU students. To schedule an appointment to see a career counselor, call the Counseling Center at 931-372-3331.


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