Strong Interest Inventory

The Strong Interest Inventory is designed to provide you with information that is helpful as you choose a major and a career. This inventory assists you in determining areas of interest and stimulates discussion that is helpful in making career decisions. At the TTU Counseling Center, the Strong Interest Inventory is administered in conjunction with career counseling.

Initially, you will meet with a career counselor to determine if the Strong Interest Inventory is an appropriate career assessment tool for you and to learn more about how the Strong Interest Inventory can help you as you decide on a major. If appropriate, an appointment will then be scheduled for you to take the Strong Interest Inventory, which takes most students approximately forty minutes to complete. You will then be scheduled for an additional appointment with your counselor to review the test results. Your counselor will also provide you with additional career exploration resources during your second appointment.

There is no cost to take the Strong Interest Inventory. To schedule an appointment to speak to a career counselor about taking this inventory, call the Counseling Center at 931-372-3331.

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