Testing FAQs

Q: How can I find out the test dates for the exam I would like to take?

Test dates for each exam are available in our Testing section or you may call the Counseling Center.

Q: How much does the test cost?

Test fees vary for each exam the Counseling Center offers. You may visit the Testing section and click on the exam in which you are interested or call the Counseling Center for test fee information.

Q: How do I register for a test?

The method of registration is different for the MAT, ACT-Residual, ACT, CLEP, and GRE.

Q: Can I register online?

You can register online directly with the testing companies for both the ACT and the GRE. At this time, online registration is not available for the ACT-R, CLEP, or MAT exam.

Q: How long prior to the exam date must I register?

The ACT and GRE have registration deadlines set by their respective testing companies, and you should either check their web sites or your registration packet for deadline dates. You must register for the MAT, CLEP and the ACT-Residual exams through the Counseling Center. It is recommended you register at least two weeks prior to these exams. Test registrations are accepted on a “first-come, first-served” basis.

Q: Where is the exam given and what time is it given?

The time and location of each exam vary depending upon the exam. The MAT. CLEP and ACT-R are given in the Counseling Center. For more information, go to our Testing section.

Q: Is there a study guide for the exam?

Study guides are available for purchase at the TTU Bookstore, your local bookstore, your local library, or through some of the testing companies online. If you are a TTU student, most study guides for standardized tests are available at the university library.

Q: What do I bring with me on the day of the exam?

When you register for an exam, you will either be given or mailed a confirmation that will tell you what to bring on the day of the exam. Make sure you read this confirmation before you come to the exam to ensure you bring the correct forms and identification with you.  Please leave valuables at home.  Small lockers are provided for keys and small electronic devices.  If you do find that you need to bring any electronic devices into the Counseling Center, please make sure that they are turned off as to not disrupt.

Q: How long will it take to get my score?

ACT-Residual: You will return to the Counseling Center in the afternoon of the day you take the exam to receive your score report.

CLEP: You will receive your score immediately after you take the exam unless you take an exam with an essay portion. In that circumstance, you will receive your score in approximately two to three weeks after the exam.

MAT: You will receive an unofficial score report on the day of the exam.  Your official score report will be mailed two to three weeks after the exam.

Q: If I fail to get a passing score on the first test, how long before I can retest?

ACT-Residual: You must wait sixty days to retake this exam.

CLEP: You must wait six months to retake the same CLEP test.

MAT:  May be taken at the next available testing date. 

Q: What is the test fee refund policy?

For the CLEP and MAT exam refund policy, you may contact Virginia Rivers at the Counseling Center at 931-372-3331.

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