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Amanda Ross received her first BFA in Visual Communications at Truman State University in 2006. After a few years in front of a computer in the "real world" after college, she decided that the hands-on processes she had enjoyed in her elective fibers classes at Truman, coupled with her interest in crafts from an early age, were what she was undeniably passionate about. She enrolled at the Kansas City Art Institute, and in May 2011 received BFA degrees in both Fibers and Art History. She now serves as the Fibers Artist-In-Residence/Fiber Nerd at the Craft Center.


Our whole world is made up of our inextricable relationship to textiles. It is a part of our culture, our language, and our understanding of ourselves in relation to the world around us. We tend to think of our lives as woven and tied together, and they are. Interlacing creates metaphors that build the way we relate and understand the world. At times woven threads decorate, other times they are utilitarian; they can symbolize or ritualize our beliefs, or identify entire cultures and what they stand for. A woven fabric represents a continuation of a history of interlacing threads that literally extends to the beginning of human history.

This is why I weave, because of its tradition and timelessness. My weavings are a record of process and time. The color and rhythmic structure of my weavings refer to landscapes that contain their own record of time. I am especially interested in water and wind as elements that are fluid and fleeting, but given time carve landscapes in monumental and beautiful ways. This relates to how I understand my work. When a thread is woven, it is a fleeting and elemental moment; but when paired with thousands of threads, it becomes a substantial record - of its making, and of myself.

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