Glass Courses

Glass Course Descriptions

ART 2710 Introduction to Glass; 3 credit hours
Beginning glassblowing for both majors and non-majors. Vessels and paperweights made at the furnace, and coldworking techniques such as stained glass, sandblasting, grinding and polishing. Modern use of glass and basics of the history of glass are also covered.

ART 3710 & ART 3711 / Intermediate Glass Studio; 6 credit hours
Prerequisite: ART 2710 or permission from the instructor.
Intermediate glassblowing and coldworking, introduction to mold making and exposure to a variety of professional artists' work.

ART 3720 & ART 3721 / Advanced Glass Studio; 6 credit hours
Prerequisite: ART 3710 & ART 3711 or permission from the instructor.
Advanced glassblowing, sandblasting, etching, slumping, and different types of glass forming.

ART 3730 & ART 3731 / Independent Studies in Glass; options of 1-3 credit hours
Individual studies in glass through specific projects arranged between the instructor and the student.

ART 4710 / Senior Thesis in Glass; 12 credit hours
Guided, individual studio projects leading to a professional level of technical accomplishment in a stylistically coherent body of work. A 12 credit series of Senior Thesis classes culminate in the required final exhibition.

ART 4740 / Special Problems in Glass; 1-3 credit hours
Prerequisite: Permission from the instructor.
Individual studio projects agreed upon by the instructor and student.

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