Metals Courses

ART 2810 / Introduction to Metals; 3 credit hours
Introduction to the basics of metalworking. Emphasis on fabricated jewelry, design and creativity.

ART 3810 & ART 3811 / Metalsmithing; 6 credit hours
Prerequisite: ART 2810 or permission from the instructor.
The techniques and aesthetics of metalsmithing; emphasis on manipulation of sheet metal for jewelry and hollowware, with studies in casting, non-ferrous forging, chasing, raising and other techniques.

ART 3820 & ART 3821 / Blacksmithing; 6 credit hours
Prerequisite: ART 2810 or permission of the instructor.
This course focuses on steel as a decorative, functional, and sculptural material. Technical assignments exploring traditional blacksmithing techniques progress to the development of an individual's style of work.

ART 3830 & ART 3831 / Independent Studies in Metals; options of 1-3 credit hours
Independent production studies; emphasis on advanced creative design and skills in either light metals or blacksmithing.

ART 4810 / Senior Thesis in Metals; 12 credit hours
Guided, individual studio projects leading to a professional level of technical accomplishment in a stylistically coherent body of work. A 12 credit series of Senior Thesis classes culminate in the required final exhibition.

ART 4840 / Special Problems in Metals; 1-3 credit hours
Prerequisite: Permission from the instructor.
Individual studio projects agreed upon by the instructor and student.