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2014 Summer Workshop Calendar

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NOTE: Prices on this page are for workshop fees only. Some workshops may include additional material fees payable to the instructor. Room & Board is also seperate.

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2014 Spring Workshops  

Bryce Brisco

Begins Feb. 24th Mondays 6pm-9pm

8 Week Clay Course


March 15, 2014

One-Day Spring Workshops!

$75 - includes lunch & materials

Andrew Meers


Bryce Brisco


Amanda Ross

Fiber Dyes

Josh Hershman

Glass Marbles


Ellie Richards

Bandsaw Boxes


May 16-18

Play & Humor

*prices do not include room & board

Eric Smith

Garden Tool Extravaganza


Jason Kishell

Over & Under: Layering China Paints and Underglazes


Laura Makowski

Screen Printing


Danny White

Fictional Sculpting



Paul Sasso

Building Methods



June 20-22



*prices do not include room & board


Roberta Elliott

4 Forge Welds to Your Favorite Poker


Martina Lantin

Cut, Paste, Process


Suzi Hall

Beautiful Batik and Books


Tyree MacFarland

Intro to Stained Glass


Felicia Szorad

Fire, Form, Color


John Lucas

Turned Hierloom Handmirrors



June 23-28



*prices do not include room & board


Zachary Noble

Forging Around


Nick Bivins



Megan Singleton

Shrink, Shrank, Shrunk: Sculptural Papermaking Using High Shrinkage Fibers


Granite Calimpong

Towards a Standard


Sungyeoul Lee

From Function to Fashion


Matt Hutton

Three is a Crowd



July 11-13

Figure + Form


*prices do not include room & board




Patrick Quinn



Chandra DeBuse

Playful Pots


Jennifer Reiz

Finding Form Through Fabric


Dorie Guthrie

No Pain, No Stain


Michael Gayk

Simple Figurative Molds


Stephanie Rocknak

Finding the Face in the Wood


Audry Deal-McEver

Mixed Media & Photo


July 14-19



*prices do not include room & board


Lynda Metcalfe

Playing with Fire and Iron


Kate Johnston

Carving & Woodfiring


Naomi Adams

Dye It, Resist It, Rust It!


Lynn Read

Glass Blowing


Sarah Perkins

Enameling on Vessel Forms


Jennifer Shirley

Woodturning and Surface Embelishments Made Easy!


Cam Choy

Metal Casting


July 23-27



*prices do not include room & board


James Viste

#Trompe L'Oeiron


Andrea Moon

Multiples in Clay: Abstract Figurative Sculpture


JoEl Levy Logiudice

Woven Rag Purses & Pouches: Exploring the Possibilites


Cynthia Fisher

Glass Mosaics


Marlene True

Combining Materials


Simon Levy

Woodturning for Beginners


Michelle Givens

GIF It All You've Got


July 30-Aug 3



*prices do not include room & board


Adam Hawk



Stephanie Lanter

Clay & Crochet


Anastasia Azure

Weaving with Non-Traditional Materials


Jason Charkravarty

Glass Without the Furnace


Andrew Kuebeck

Daylight & Darkroom: Photographic Technique on Metal


Nicholas Stawinski

Upholstered Ottomans and Footstools



Aug 4-9



*prices do not include room & board


Jason Paul Knight

Basic Bladesmithing Techniques


Ryan Greenheck

Surfaces & Textures


Jennifer Moss

Expressive Feltmaking


Roger Parramore



Chris Hentz

Computer to Bench


Bob Marsh

A Contained Story



Aug 15-17



Anna Calluori Holcombe

New Models for Ceramics: 3D Printing & Mold Making



Joe Evins

Software Crash Course